At Celtic Capital Corporation, I can handle most transactions and legal situations based on forty years of business and legal experiences. For example:

  • I manage with dexterity and efficiency most general legal matters.
  • I can appear on your behalf in court on family law cases and other matters of civil litigation.
  • I draft standard forms and letters on behalf of my clients tailored to their specific situations.
  • I prepare and review contracts.
  • I assure compliance with local, state and federal laws.
  • I anticipate potential legal risks and develop strategies to deal with such risks.
  • I utilize alternative dispute resolution to settle disputes.
  • I can prepare wills and trusts, as well as represent your estate 

Most legal services that I provide are especially geared toward helping clients reduce their federal tax liabilities. If a person dies without a will or proper estate planning, their estate assets are often devoured by fees from incurred in the administration of their court supervised probate since an independent executor cannot be appointed by the court. I can help you provide for the future of the loved ones whom you leave behind.

How Legal Services Tie into Financial Services

Financial planning, legal issues and taxes are like the legs on a stool, dependent on each other to balance and provide a sturdy platform to plan for a client’s life surprises. If one of the legs is not as sturdy as the others, the stool will not balance or easily break when weight is applied. We can help form a sturdy base in all three areas, so you and your family can feel secure when dealing with whatever the future may hold.

At Celtic Capital, being able to handle legal issues relating to finances, retirement and estates planning are easier when it is handled by the same firm. We are already familiar with your situation and can advise you on the best plan for moving forward with your financial future while reducing taxes, liabilities, and preparing a plan to handle any of life's unfortunate events.