At Celtic Capital Corporation, our experienced investment manager provides a tailored solution to meet the financial planning and investment management needs of individuals, families, their trusts and estates, as well as their family businesses. Based on your defined objectives we strive to provide the best strategies to reach those goals. These may include, but are not limited to, the identification of any financial problems, cash flow and budget management, tax planning, risk exposure review, investment management, education funding, retirement planning, estate planning, charitable giving, special needs planning, family business succession, and fringe benefits.

What can a client expect at the first meeting with a registered investment advisor of Celtic Capital Corporation?

Our advisor credentialed as a Certified Financial Planner® can craft a limited range solution for you (e.g. a customized, individualized Social Security analysis to help facilitate your Social Security timing decision for a flat fee). At Celtic Capital all advisory services are tailored to the individual needs of the client. Client goals and objectives are clarified in meetings, correspondence, telephone calls, and/or video conferences. Each client's goals are documented to help reduce the risk of miscommunication. Clients do not have to worry about up sells or needless contact from us, but we are available for support whenever a client feels it is necessary. We work for the investor’s best interest. Our first official meeting as client and advisor is very specific to each client, but is made as painless as possible. In fact, we want to help solve a specific pain point for you. We will discuss a client’s specific planning issues as well as your goals and any current positions you may hold. To suit your needs we will fill out a risk profile analysis, and analyze what assets the client already owns. Using your information we will design a customized investment portfolio, typically based upon a horizon of 5-10 years. We believe our clients are prepared to take an active role in managing their own finances.

What types of investments can the client expect to see in his or her portfolio?

We avoid continuous fees charged by mutual funds and exchange traded funds by investing in individual stocks and bonds. However, when a fund merits selection, we avoid funds that charge more than 1.00% (100 basis points) per year. We emphasize capital preservation because we believe our clients trust us for accountability, integrity, and fiduciary responsibility.

Why we use TD Ameritrade Institutional as our broker-dealer and as our platform for trading

First and foremost, our clients deserve unwavering safety and peace of mind. Clients can rest easy knowing that their assets are being entrusted with Celtic Capital Corporation. We passionately protect clients’ accounts from cyber security threats. All of our client assets are held in the custody of TD Ameritrade Institutional. TD Ameritrade is protected by top of the line security-both on and off line. Secondly, this platform is easily used. Each client is able to login and check up on his or her portfolio using a secure login. Each client can optionally receive email notifications and mailed monthly statements.

Other financial services that our clients can benefit from:

  • We help clients estimate retirement expenses.
  • We design estate plans and all relevant documents.
  • We perform tax planning of all sorts.
  • We prepare tax returns to suit your individual needs with the goal of reducing taxes.
  • We assist businesses with acquisitions and mergers.

How legal services tie into financial services

Financial planning, legal issues and taxes are like the legs on a stool, dependent on each other to balance and provide a sturdy platform to plan for a client’s life surprises. If one of the legs is not as sturdy as the others, the stool will not balance or easily break when weight is applied. We can help form a sturdy base in all three areas, so you and your family can feel secure when dealing with whatever the future may hold.

At Celtic Capital, being able to handle legal issues relating to finances, retirement and estates planning are easier when it is handled by the same firm. We are already familiar with your situation and can advise you on the best plan for moving forward with your financial future while reducing taxes, liabilities, and preparing a plan to handle any of life's unfortunate events.

How does the client pay?

Some brokers and registered investment advisors don't give you the whole story about how they are paid. At Celtic Capital we do things differently. We don't make our money by putting clients in any particular or house investment or make a commission on a per trade basis; and no capital gains sharing typically used by hedge funds.

Our clients pay for investment portfolio management based on an annual fee assessed upon assets under management. A niche project such as a Social Security analysis is invoiced at a negotiated hourly rate, except certain standard documents command fixed fees (e.g. wills and trusts).