Prepare for Divorce so YOU will survive

In a divorce case the client needs to analyze different financial settlement options spread out into the future under various scenarios. As a Divorce Financial Analyst, I provide understandable spreadsheets that display the options based upon different input components.

The client possesses one chance to make an advantageous financial settlement because the divorce decree will be a final decree under Texas law after one month.

Get the best possible divorce settlement for you!

What Is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is when spouses are able to come to an acceptable agreement regarding the dissolution of their marriage with some professional help. This is not the high conflict situation where each spouse hires an expensive attorney to fight it out in court. We believe that the high conflict situations are best avoided in most situations as they are lengthy, stressful, and extremely expensive. With collaborative divorce, you can reduce the length of time the divorce lasts, and most importantly, the expense. You and your spouse can stabilize the current situation with a temporary agreement, exchange information voluntarily, negotiate an equitable settlement, and agree upon how common post-divorce issues will be handled. Where I can help:

  • As a dispute resolution specialist: I can serve as an arbitrator.
  • As a trained mediator: I can mediate contested issues directed to mediation by family law judges.
  • As a Divorce Financial Analyst: I consult with your attorney as an outside expert.

Divorce is no different than most legal case settlements. In Texas, the divorce decree is final after one month. You only have one chance to make an optimal settlement. Being a divorce financial analyst, I examine and analyze the financial characteristics and embedded taxes of the marital assets. After examining this information, I prepare understandable spreadsheets under different settlement scenarios with tax implications for each scenario, providing my client with the selection criteria for the best choice.

Additionally, I work closely with trial lawyers and oftentimes can qualify as an expert witness and testify in a deposition or through live testimony in the trial on the merits.